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Am I your only hope ?

this is the candidate you’re looking for !

Are you sure the people who apply directly are the right people for you? Isn’t there a better match somewhere out there?

Yes, there is. If you know how to look and where, that is. When is the last time you hired someone who did not have one of the 675 million linkedin profile for example?

The right candidates are the proverbial needle in the data haystack. I have the skills, time and experience to search the web, to find them and to contact them, and that is what I do.

I’m a sourcer.

Your brand is everything, I immerse myself in your employer brand

I then start identifying the people who both have the skills and seem to fit in with your culture. Then you can review the data BEFORE I even contact and engage them.

I’ll bring you back ALL their answers, raw and unfiltered, from the “hell yes” to the “never in my life”: you will know what the “market” thinks of your company. Then, I’ll introduce you directly to the people who want to meet you and whom you want to meet.

I’m not a recruiter. I’m a matchmaker.

My need

But first, tell me what you want.

what you really really want.

Help me find candidates

Teach me how

Are you looking for that « special someone », that person with the right skills and the right mindset? Are you and your team drowning in a sea of resumes or wandering in the desert in search of a living soul? Or are you simply a forward-looking employer planning your next hire?

Then, I’m the droid you’re looking for !

Do you want your recruitment process to be more efficient? Do you want to stop posting on job boards and start using a proven methodology to identify outstanding profiles?

In other words, do you want to train your troopers to make them scouts and snipers? Follow my lead and learn to master state-of-the-art talent sourcing.

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