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Gates Solutions becomes in 2016 one of the first externalised talent sourcing specialist in Europe. Gathered around a team and a network of senior sourcers, Gates offers 30 days talent sourcing assignments.

You wish to have a proper sourcing sidekick dedicated to your recruitments. Gates delegates you a trained, experienced and certified sourcer.

Your sourcer searches, scans and explores all the digital world and gives you a targeted Talent Pool fitting your current search. You only have to integrate it to your internal process.

Your sourcing goes external, your recruitment stays internal.

With the rise of social networks, big data and Internet being so present in our lives, the relationship to recruitment has changed. Posting an advert and wishing for a qualified candidate could work but you know that the ideal talent is out there, needs to be searched for and waits to be contacted.

Sourcing nowadays is a complex, time-consuming and ever-changing activity. It is also at the heart of our strategy.

With years of experience and training, we are today at the forefront of complex sourcing techniques.

Our tools and techniques allow us to search on any industry, any type of role. We are currently able to help you in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg and we are building an international network in order to accompany you soon throughout Europe.

In order to have a detailed understanding of how it works, our services and the fees, please do not hesitate to download this PDF presentation.

  • Perfect integration with your Employer Branding Strategy

    - We redirect the talents towards your career site and your online adverts
    - We strongly recommend the talents to follow your company. Your Talent Pool becomes your Talent Community

  • We do the sourcing, it is your recruitment

    We attract the talents for you, it's your Talent Pool. You recruit who you want and as many as you want.

  • What we do for you

    - 30 days sourcing assignment
    - A dedicated experienced sourcer doing the search for you
    - A weekly report about the actions taken, the evolution of the talent search. You can modify criterias at any given time
    - A final report giving you an updated view of the market, your sourcer's impressions and analysis
    - The full profile list of all the talents interested by the opportunity and willing to be in touch with you. All available contact details are given (CVs, Email, phone numbers, links to social networks)
    - Complete transparency on all our processes, tools and results (sources, conversion rates, response rates etc)

  • Sourcing is

    A talent management discipline which is focused on the identification, assessment and engagement of skilled candidates through proactive recruiting techniques. Available data allowing us to identify potential candidates grows exponentially every day; a sourcer will take advantage of this data in order to approach a potential candidate, quite rarely actively seeking employment, and propose him/her an opportunity.


More about us

Gates Solutions was created in early 2011 by Guillaume Alexandre in order to make a difference in the recruitment industry. Not to compete against industry leaders, not to create a worldwide brand, only to make a difference by being at the upfront of sourcing techniques, to serve its clients and more importantly to stay humble and genuinely nice people. Gates has been recognized, along the years, as high-end sourcers winning contests, awards and certifications and it is now time, to celebrate our 5th year anniversary, to convert into purely sourcing specialists.
We only work with clients we believe in and share values with; we reserve ourselves the right to refuse to work for specific industries if we don’t feel ok with it.

We are true believers in a sustainable economy, we print only when compulsory, we recycle everything, all our energy comes from 100% renewable sources, we drive a hybrid car and we sponsor a beehive to protect biodiversity. It’s the sum of all our little actions that will, one day, make a difference.

We are sourcers, open, transparent and available for our clients. If you wish to know more about us or would like us to source talents for you, please feel free to call!

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Shall you want to work with us on a sourcing assignment or just know a bit more about us, please do not hesitate to send us an email, call us or even pass by for a coffee!

If you’re a senior sourcer based anywhere in Europe, certified Linkedin, SocialTalent ninja BlackBelt or #TruAcademy and you want freedom and innovation, you have a spotless reputation and a total professionalism, get in touch, we need to talk 😉

Gates Solutions

Chemin JB Vandelle 8
1290 Versoix

Geneva, Switzerland

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