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Relax, this is not a date.

nor a job interview

Our phone chat will be the first step in the sourcing process.
My goal is to learn more about you : what you do best; what you like the most; what you don’t like; how you see your career; what your values are.

You see, I’m not here to sell you a role. You have the right skills, that’s why I contacted you. But I’m also interested in your personality. Because who you are will define who you want to work for.

If you’re interested in the job and the company, I’ll tell my client they can contact you and my job ends there. The recruiting process itself happens between you and them.

Told you. I’m not a recruiter. I’m a matchmaker.

What is a sourcer

Some people call me hiring cowboy

Some call me the gangster of jobs

But no one calls me Maurice. Which is good because it’s not my name anyway.

I’m a sourcer.

Every company is persuaded that working for them is everybody’s dream. They also think that posting a job ad should be enough to find the great people they need.

Yeah, right ! My role is to identify the best, most talented people out there and to contact them directly. In other words, I cut through the noise to get the right opportunities in front of the right people.

To do that, I scan the web to find interesting profiles like yours, I analyse them and get them pre-approved by your potential future colleagues.

I'm not here to waste your time, this is a really opportunity and the hiring manger has already expressed a strong interest based on your profile.

I’m a finder, I’m a matcher, I’m a Linkedin stalker,
I search for greatness on the web. Woo wooo…

How is he paid

No, I’m not a bounty hunter.

hold your horses!

I’m paid to find and contact you, not to bring you in dead or alive. In fact, if I do my job correctly, I won’t have to bring you in, you’ll go by yourself.

I just want you to rock your career.

Typically, recruiters get paid when you get hired. I get paid no matter what. So I have no incentive to sell you a job you don’t need.

What’s in it for you

you mean, beside your dream job?

See me as that friend who will introduce you to your next partner. I’m pretty sure you’ll match. And I don’t want either of you to be mad at me after a disastrous date.

So I’m very careful about who I match you with. I already know you’ll have a great time together.

Ok, tell me more.

What for me
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