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Sourcer's Corner

Because Talent Sourcing, to me, is also about sharing, I've decided, in 2018, to start a little vlog called Sourcers' Corner. I had to stop it because I couldn't handle the number of requests it would bring in return but it showed me than creating an online training platform could be a good thing to do ;-)

Sourcers' Corner is a reference to Speakers' Corner in Hyde Park, London where anyone can just take a ladder and talk to the crowd, freely... and i'ts exactly what I intend to do.

No particular plan or agenda in mind, just willing to share my thoughts and bounce ideas with the community. No pressure at all on my side, just sharing thoughts, ideas about what I call "People Attraction" which is much broader than only Sourcing but includes everything that would helps convert "people" to "candidates". But more on this in a future episode ;-)

It's primarly in French but subtitled on Youtube. I might do videos in English in the future... the plan is no plan!

We'll see where this leads of course but it's all home-made with very simple tools.

I hope you'll enjoy it and here are the first 3 episodes already out.

Episode 1: Welcome + Ripple

Episode 2: How to increase the virality (reach) of a Linkedin post

Episode 3: Linkedin Career Advice, a new functionality coming?

 All posts will be also on my timeline for the people following me and on my blog

 I hope you’ll enjoy watching them as much as I had fun creating these videos and crossing fingers this might help a few of you!


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