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Cracking Twitter for sourcing / #Part1

To me, Twitter is one of the most underused social networks for sourcing, people find it hard to find profiles, hard to engage and not very efficient. And I think it’s not true, Twitter is an absolutely awesome tool if you dig into it and use it smartly. I usually write my blog in French but I found so few info about sourcing on Twitter that I thought English could be a good thing this time (I’ll translate it when I have some time). These articles are based on the presentation I gave to Sourcing Summit Europe back in September 2016.

I’ll decompose this article in 3 parts:

Part 1: Let people easily come to you with a hack on Twitter

Part 2: Identifying people on Twitter (and not just through followerwonk)

Part 3: Engaging on Twitter (or not)

Let people come to you (Twitter sourcing Hack) / Create a Free Twitter card

How many times have I had a potential candidate come to me, as a recruiter and tweeted me “Hey @Mr_Sourcing, I’m looking for a job, can you help?” this answer is fairly simple… never.

Why? Because your tweets are public and maybe people don’t want the rest of their community to know that are actively contacting a recruiter.

But what if… you follow someone or they see your tweets and they can, in one click just send you their email address and twitter handle, for free. The first thing pretty much everybody does when they have a new follower is to go and check their profile and what they see first… is a pinned tweet.

How to create a FREE Twitter card

Step 1 Log in to Twitter

That’s easy

Step 2 to go (spot your ID number)

Once you go to this url, you will automatically see your ID number

For example, mine is 18ce54dw4jg


And stick your ID number where the [ID] is

Step 4 Create your Twitter Card


You’ll have to keep it short and sweet with a nice image, you can even customize what’s written on the button.

Step 5 Tweet it and pin it to your profile


What will happen now? Everytime someone want to contact you, they can just click the button, it’s free for everybody, isn’t tweeted anywhere or public in any way and what’s cool about it, you get their Twitter handle AND their email address

You get a google spreadsheet with TimeStamp, User ID, name, Twitter Handle and Email directly here

It’s easy, free and confidential. You can easily find out who they are and send them a nice email to get in touch.

Why don’t you try it? What is the worst that can happen, people don’t click it? They are already NOT contacting you, give them a way to do so easily (The NO, you have it already, fight for the YES!)

I hope you liked it, see you on part 2, how to identify people on Twitter!


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